Who We Are

Davy and I (Erica) are out here living a true adventure, we bought a hurricane damaged catamaran at the beginning of the pandemic!! Not the greatest timing in the world but we have made it work for us. We are now currently in The Bahamas and excited to finally be out here travelling again.

We love to travel, we have a passion for sailing and diving and now we have the boat to make it happen. Follow along with us as we make this incredible journey a reality!! We appreciate any and all support so thank you Patrons for everything you do! 

  • Where we met

    We met on the tropical island of Kuata amongst the Fijian Yasawa islands. Davy was working on island when I arrived as a guest. It was meant to be. I stayed on island for an extra few months diving and enjoying the surroundings. Davy ended up leaving Kuata to follow me on a trip around Asia and let's just say he's been by my side ever since.

  • The beginning

    We decided we wanted to continue to travel but do it differently than we had been. We purchased a Catalina 36 sailboat and started our adventure. We travelled down the east coast of the USA, into the Bahamas, the north coast of Jamaica and then found ourselves in the beautiful island of Grand Cayman.

  • Just how far we've come

    We decided to upgrade to a catamaran, a hurricane damaged one. We arrived at our new home just as the pandemic was really starting. We prepared her for travel to the DR and after spending 10 LONG months on the hard in the Dominican Republic we are happy to say we float and are now in The Bahamas, travelling, exploring and preparing for the next chapter!

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